Dear fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors, Welcome to the Zones 17 - 18 website

I’m most appreciative of this opportunity to serve as your director. I truly believe in Rotary’s values and vision, and the last couple of years have shown that people are engaged, and want to make a difference – let us all «Imagine Rotary» being their preferred service organization. There are lots of potential Rotarians and Rotaractors «out there» - but they haven’t been asked to join, or to start their own-, maybe even a «somewhat different» club – yet.

By working together, Rotary will continue to adapt, our service projects will enhance participant engagement, we will expand our reach and increase our impact.

I look forward to working alongside you all in growing Rotary to make a bigger difference for our communities, and to participate in determining the direction Rotary will take in the coming years. 


Lena J Mjerskaug,  Rotary International Director 2022-24

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