Virtual meetings with the members in Zones 17-18

Recording of the chat about membership on Wednesday April 24 at 19.00 (Stockholm time)

Chat about membership on Wednesday April 24 at 19.00 (Stockholm).

See the recorded meeting here!

Oct 7, 2023, Baltic Sea Awareness Webinar

Baltic Sea Awareness Raising and Environmental Education:

SAVE THE DATE for the next BASRAN Webinar October 7, 2023. More information coming soon. 

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Nov 16, 2023, Create hope in the World with The Rotary Foundation

The presidential theme “Create hope in the World” in inspiring. In what ways can our Clubs and Districts do good working with The Rotary Foundation to achieve this?

You are invited to join our seminar to have a talk with Trustee and Rotary International President 2020-2021 Holger Knaack on Thursday 16th November at 19.00 CET

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The seminar will be recorded and will be available afterwards.

Welcome to join us!

Ulf Bingsgård, Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, Zone 17

Lars Borgestrand, Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, Zone 18

Recording of the Rotary year 2023-24’s first (virtual) meeting (of the Thursday, 10. August)

Meeting with the zones 17&18 Rotary and Rotaract members

Link to the recording is here you need to copy and paste this passcode: uV3$.^+8

We shared some «news from RI», introduced the 2023-24 Resource team, and discussed how we in the best way can assist the districts, share some tips and advice, present the overall plans/goals/priorities, share information about planned/upcoming seminars and other events, etc.

As August is "Membership and New Club Development" month in the Rotary calendar, we naturally(!) want to focus a little extra on / discuss about Membership development; how to develop the existing members, and to gain new members.

This, and the future meeting(s) will of course be open to all Rotarians and Rotaractors, so please «spread the word» to the Rotarians and Rotaractors in the zones 17&18!

Promoting Projects: Tell Your Story - Cultivating Effective Projects

Telling your story of service and positive change is an essential part of carrying out service projects. It’s especially important to share how you overcame any challenges, the lessons you learned, and tips for how other people can best approach similar projects.

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

1. Understand the connection between telling a good story and increasing Rotary’s visibility

2. Identify effective tactics to promote your projects

3. Use different tools to tell your story at every stage of the project

Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:

    Please click this URL to join: 

    Passcode: 241006

Description: (60-minutes) This webinar will be offered in English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Everyone who registers will receive access to the recording.

Recording of: Let’s Re-Imagine Rotary, together with RI President Jennifer Jones and RI Director Lena Mjerskaug and Your Rotary Regional Leaders Team!

Recorded: Thursday, March 16 at 19.00 (CET)

Rotary Peace Centers Update - Imagining the New Peace Center and its impact

Through this, we inspired donors, prospective donors, and Rotarians to make the Peace Center support grow. Some background / informational links: 

Next meeting: 

Dec 14 - Storytelling pt 3: Videos

Nov 16th at 19:00 (CET): CAPTURE IT! … Let’s talk storytelling part 2: Photos!

Dear District Rotary Public Image Chairs, District Governors and District Governor Elects (Please share with clubs)

We talked PHOTOS and HOW to tell our stories about People of Action in photos. We will also talk tips and tricks about framing, light, and subject.

We encourage you to invite ALL Club Public Image Chairs, Assistant Governors and Governor Nominees - and other members »Rotary, Rotaract and Interact« who wants to elevate Rotary!

(DGs - If you have not yet appointed a District Rotary Public Image Chair in your district, I consider you responsible for this position).

Best Rotary Wishes - Your Rotary Public Image Coordinator Team, Zone 18: Marija, Rafał, Selçuk, and Philip

Nov 21st 21st at 19:00 CET: Rotary Coordinator team to chat about Membership

The End Polio Now-gala is aired via Zoom on Sunday the 23rd October at 16.00-18.30 o'clock Swedish time.

Hosting the fundraising gala is Ulf Bingsgård and Anne Marbrandt. The entertainment during the gala is provided by Lilla Beddinge Teater. Contributions can be made in Sweden via Swish 123 443 12 01 and as message "End Polio Now" and your District Number. It's also possible to contribute via Raise for Rotary

In Denmark contributions can be made via MobilePay 144998.

End Polio Now gala with RI President Jennifer Jones 23rd October, 2022

Live and joint fundraising gala is arranged on Sunday 23rd October for End Polio Now. Rotary International President Jennifer Jones will be attending. Ian Riseley RI President 2017-2018 and Trustee Chair of The Rotary Foundation will participate as well.

The main focus of the fundraising gala is of course fundraising for Rotary's work against polio. Dr Shahin Huseynov from World Health Organization. WHO, will give us an update on the current polio situation in the World. Past Rotary International Director Kjell-Åke Åkesson will tell us about when he has been out vaccinating. During the gala show you will also meet Elisabeth Bava, rotarian, who tells her story about living with polio.

We will also hear different stories about challenges to raise awareness and money. Claes Rönnqvist, rotarian, rode a bicycle halfway around Sweden. Jan-Erik Sääf ran barefoot during a week and Fatmir Seremeti basically ran two marathons during 24 hours. All done to raise awareness and money to End Polio Now. Lars Hermansson, Past District Governor D2380, will be talking about their Golf Tournament.

The two End Polio Now co-ordinators Anette Løwert and Tommy Lekenmyr will tell about Polio Plus Society. Anette will also tell us about Walk for Polio in Denmark.

Next meetings on storytelling:

SHARE IT   … Let’s talk storytelling! October 26 at 19:00 (CEST)

Welcome to the virtual meeting: 

We will talk STORYTELLING and HOW to tell our stories about People of Action.

We encourage ALL members »Rotary, Rotaract and Interact« who wants to elevate Rotary to join!

The meeting will be in English and last for 1 hour and will be recorded.

Learn about the latest membership trends in the --> newly updated State of Rotary’s Membership presentation. The 15-slide PowerPoint presentation shows how we’re doing as of 1 July. It can be shared and is easy to customize for your region. 

If you want to learn more about setting membership goals, watch the recordings of the first two webinars in the --> From Insight to Action series. --> Register now for the last webinar in this series, which will take place on Wednesday, 9 November, at 11:00 Chicago time (UTC-6). Everyone who registers will receive a recording via email.

We talked PUBLIC IMAGE and WHY it is important in all four priorities of our Action Plan.

We also included an easy challenge for you to bring back to your district, club, and members for the upcoming World Polio Day.


More information on the World Polio Day Challenge and the Memberships Stories videos will be published e-mailed to District Rotary Public Image Chairs and published on this website and facebook-page.

--> Video - Slides

Best Rotary Wishes

Your Public Image Coordinator Team, Zone 18: Marija, Rafał, Selçuk, and Philip

Guest speaker: Steve Martin, Rotary Coordinator in Region 20

Together we can Grow Rotary!

Recording of

Recording of: The Zone Rotary Coordinator team about Membership / August 29th, 2022

Recording of: The first virtual Meeting with members of zones 17-18 / Thursday August 11th, 2022

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Slides August 11th

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