Member Meetings

We talked PUBLIC IMAGE and WHY it is important in all four priorities of our Action Plan.

We also included an easy challenge for you to bring back to your district, club, and members for the upcoming World Polio Day.

More information on the World Polio Day Challenge and the Memberships Stories videos will be published e-mailed to District Rotary Public Image Chairs and published on this website and facebook-page.

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Best Rotary Wishes

Your Public Image Coordinator Team, Zone 18: Marija, Rafał, Selçuk, and Philip

Guest speaker: Steve Martin, Rotary Coordinator in Region 20

Together we can Grow Rotary!

Recording of

Recording of: The Zone Rotary Coordinator team about Membership, August 29th:

Recording of: The first virtual Meeting with members of zones 17-18 -Thursday August 11th at 19.00 Oslo time

Links to the Virtual Meetings

Slides August 11th

AnnaKonig-Zone 17 Aug 11
Philip Flindt-GETS_Norway_RPIC_Team_2022-23